There has always been something so nostalgic and dreamy to me about being at a carnival. The atmosphere is something that seems to stop time… everyone knows what I am talking about. For whatever reason, carnivals are one of the few things that never change and everyone knows how it feels. Walking in on top of a layer of hay and seeing rides zooming around you, kids running around with stuffed animals, and the smell of elephant ears evokes a certain mood and I have always loved it. I don’t think I will ever be too old to enjoy it and it’s something I really wanted to tell a story about through an inspiration shoot. Darian was shy and nervous at first, understandably. Being in front of the camera is hard already for most people, and then add hundreds of carnival goers stopping and watching you wondering why you are getting your picture taken.. it can be nerve racking. She was a trooper and it only took about 10 minutes and we were in the groove!

Whats a carnival themed senior shoot without some popcorn right?

I really wanted to incorporate some of the elements that make a carnival what it is all while still capturing beautiful images and I really wanted them to be full of life and have a lot of motion and Darian had no problem being herself and having some fun…… and throwing popcorn ­čÖé

This has been one of my absolute favorite shoots I have done and I love that it is so unique and different. Not only for me, but for Darian as well. I know that none of her other classmates will have senior portraits like her and I had a blast letting my imagination run wild. It’s photo shoots like this that remind me how much I LOVE WHAT I DO!