Alright SO, I decided to shake things up a little bit. As much as I liked putting together my “RAVE LIST” in August… I knew when I did it that it was kind of a test run and I would surely be changing up the concept and making it a little different. It was very similar to MANY other photographers’ personal posts I had seen and so I really wanted to make it more ME. So even though I will continue to post personal blogs about what I’m loving as far as travel, food, products, fashion, music etc. , I am going to split it up and post smaller tid bits at a time and more frequently throughout the months.


(clever huh? :) )

I have come to love my last name. I think it’s pretty sweet. There was a time when I really didn’t like the fact that SMALLER was my last name. The fact that I was a fairly round, chubby kid when I was little didn’t help, instead, it made me a walking oxymoron and the target of endless jokes and laughs made by elementary and middle school bullies. Nevertheless I grew up and am now pretty damn proud of myself. Not only am I proud of my work, what I have accomplished so far, and pretty much how I look :P , but more importantly, I am proud of who I am and my last name. I’m grateful for where it’s gotten me and I am proud of the man that gave me this last name. So, I figured that since it’s the name of my business that I should continue to incorporate it as much as I want in whatever spin off I do. I wanted to create personal posts that were both short and sweet and also shared a little look inside who I am as an individual. I want to feel like we’re having little mini conversations every once in a while and what better name for my series than SMALL TALK. I love it and I hope you will too.

So to start off my new SMALL TALK series I decided to do a fashion freakout and feature one of my absolute FAVORITE style pieces. I am currently freaking out over combat boots.

I have always had an edgier style of fashion and I have loved the combat boot for such a long time but for the past few years I was too much of a WUSS to wear them. I regret to say that I have my weak insecure moments when I care way too much what people think or what the “current look” is telling us to wear. So I kept a little of my bad ass tucked away while the stores filled up with nothing but sheer pink fabric, buttons, and ballet flats. I know… it was stupid of me. By the end of this past summer I got excited for boot season and I pulled out my boots, grabbed a few more old pairs that I found at vintage resale stores and I have been wearing the CRAP out of them. kickass, leather, bitchin combat boots. I’ve been wearing them everywhere and I can’t get enough. I love all the different colors and styles I have collected. They go with every outfit that I like to wear, leggings, long sweaters, skinny jeans and jackets, and I can even soften them up a little with a pair of tights, boot socks and a cute top. Within the last couple of months I watched as the trend exploded and there were knock off combat boots everywhere. You know when Macy’s has one of their cute little round tables covered with nothing but 7 pairs of combats that its all the rage. A part of me was a little disappointed that I hadn’t had the guts to wear them years ago and lead the trend before it was “in style” but who cares, I’m happy that I didn’t have to spend $150 for a pair of brand new ones and that most of mine are authentic, old leather boots worn in either by me or some other mystery person who graciously dropped them off at a resale. All I have to say is that it’s VERY ME.