So Christmas has definitely moved in! As much as I really cannot believe it’s here already, it’s here and although

I am not as prepared as I would like to be, or even have my shopping done, I have done my best to get into the holiday spirit.

I love the Christmas season and yes it does come with some stress

and tension at times but I still love the memories and the feeling it brings.


When Matt and I moved into our house last November, we knew we would now be doing things our own way and creating our own traditions. A month later when Christmas rolled around I found myself in a different place than I was used to in the fact that I now had the opportunity to create my own idea of what I wanted Christmas in MY HOME to look like. I wasn’t just helping my mom and the rest of my family decorate their house with their decorations anymore. I didn’t have to ask where someone wanted this.. or where do you want me to hang that. It was a fun adventure for us. I knew that I wanted everything to be funky and different. We had already chosen to paint our living room a crazy bright teal color so I wanted our christmas decorations to be just as bright and fun. I also knew I wanted our christmas tree to have meaning also… I have always loved polaroid photos. We always had a polaroid camera even when I was little and I thought it was an awesome idea to decorate our Christmas tree with polaroid photos of us and everyone in our life that we loved (but really, are you that surprised I would decorate with photographs? 😀 ).  I love the look of it, the polaroids are modern and nostalgic all rolled into one and each photo on the tree is of a different memory that we cherish and it just looks plain cool if you ask me. So here is a little peek inside my home. Enjoy 🙂

Our great friends Dave and Candice and their 3 year old daughter Charley are basically family to us and one night I sent Matt over to their house to pick up something and Charley happened to be making little foam gingerbread people. Matt came home with this cute little gingerbread couple and he said “Charley made them for us… it’s me and you!”.  I think it’s the cutest thing and I was struggling to find christmas decorations to put on our living room shelves and I thought they were perfect for the job 🙂

I love the way the room looks when everything is lit. The pictures on the tree almost look like they glow sometimes when we plug the tree in.

So I admit that obviously the fact that I am a photographer makes me a little bias when it comes to my preference for photographs as decoration and art but I think anyway you slice it, having the the branches of our Christmas tree peppered with the faces of the people we love and bring us joy all year is awesome to look at all during the season and it’s become a tradition of our own now. I’m not sure if I can see us decorating for Christmas any other way. I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and are as lucky as we are to be surrounded with such fabulous people.