I can’t even begin to describe what an amazing experience it was to photograph the future Mr. and Mrs. Burdette!

We had spent a couple weeks discussing the kind of theme and feel we wanted to create for this shoot and I couldn’t be

happier with the way the shoot went! I can only say that I came out of this deal with phenomenal images and a good ass time 😉

So, when we were preparing for this shoot, Holly and I had been talking for a couple weeks about theme and feel and what kind of story

we wanted to tell with this shoot. I knew that Matt, like myself, was a drummer and I always wanted to do a stylized theme shoot

with a drum set outside in the woods or in a field or something along those lines. When I asked if Matt would be willing to set up

his drums outside he was in 100% (i know, dream client right?).  About 2 days before the shoot Holly texted me a picture of

a special spot that she knew of and that it was a tree with a ton of shoes hanging from it. I was instantly stoked.

I had NO IDEA how amazing it was until we drove through the flipping sticks LITERALLY to get there.

OMG was it worth it!!! the little beating that my pontiac firebird endured during the drive down miles of dirt road

was totally worth it!

I KNOW, RIGHT?! Amazing!

I knew that Holly had a pair of pink converse with her and I went out on a limp (tee hee) and asked her if she was willing to

write something about her and Matt on them and hang them just for photo purposes and then she could have them back.

She didn’t even blink. Yes, awesome clients. After we took photos of her shoes I went to take them down to give them back to her

and she told me to just leave them there… one more time… AWESOME, DREAM CLIENT! HA!

I just couldn’t help but to think how great it was that they now had this piece of them hanging from this tree that was such a

special spot and it would be apart of the hundreds of other stories that were hanging there as well. EEEK!

After we started wrapping up the drum part of our shoot, it was getting dark and we knew we wanted to get some edgier photos at an

alley in downtown Ann Arbor. Another spot I had never been before and as a photographer, it was a playground for me 🙂

Holly and Matt, I honestly can NOT wait for your wedding, I know it is going to be unbelievable and I am super pumped!

You made me one happy photographer. Not every shoot makes you feel like you get to live out your inspiration and be this creative and have

this much fun, so for that I say thanks!

Enjoy! and I’ll see you sexy lovers in July 😉