Milo is HERE!!

If you follow my blog then you know that my friends, Lindsay and Matt, moved in next door a few months ago and became SUPER fast SUPER close friends of ours. If you don’t follow my blog, then… sorry you’re out of the loop and you learned your lesson 😉

After hanging out with Lindsay and doing a couple casual shoots of her cute little girl here and there, we started counting down the weeks until Milo would be here. I went out on a limb and asked her if her and Matt would like me to photograph the birth. To my surprise she lit up like a light bulb and said “OH! that would be SO  COOL!” (yes, her and I are meant to be).

So fast forward a couple of months to last week when Lindsay told us that she was going into the hospital Monday night and getting induced Tuesday morning the 31st (her actual due date). Because little Milo wasn’t showing any signs of letting his mama go into Labor any time soon and was continuing to grow at a pretty fast rate, they decided that since Linds was induced with Lucy that it was a good option to move her along this time too. WHEW!

Monday night came around and as I gave them hugs and sent them off too the hospital I was excited and nervous all at once for them and waited for a phone call the next day.. maybe around… 10/11am or so. PSH. At 5:15 in the morning yesterday my phone rang and I was up on my feet like it was nothing! Why I can’t drag myself out of bed by 8am any other day is a mystery to me. Matt told me that they gave her the pitocin to induce her around 2am and that things were already moving along a lot faster this time around and that I should probably be on my way soon. I was showered, dressed and on my way to Dunkin Donuts by 5:40 and in the hospital room with Matt’s XXXL sized coffee by 6:00. Everything seemed like it had calmed down and we figured we had a little while. The nurse  came in and checked her a half hour later and said she was at a 5 and we had plenty of time. After 20 minutes of agonizing pain, Lindsay said she knew it was happening faster and called the nurse in. At just after 7:00am she was already complete at a 10. The doctor finally got there at 7:40 and almost immediately had her start pushing and after just 25 minutes of pushing… MILO arrived! perfect in every single way.

I can NOT even begin to explain how this was standing in my shoes yesterday. This was BY FAR the most incredible experience I have ever had in my entire life. I have had so many people cringe when I told them I was photographing a birth. Everyone had a crazed look on their face, looked at me like I was from outerspace and said “Thats gross! you are going to be traumatized! Why in the HELL do you want to do that?!” …. and to be perfectly honest, it confuses me. Obviously I respect everyone’s right to have their own opinion but at the same time, after witnessing this I can’t imagine ever describing it in any kind of negative way.

I loved watching Matt interact with Lindsay through these intense contractions. They are such a good team.

daddy just cut the tags off the new merchandise 🙂

This was the moment when I started bawling my eyes out. Matt looked back at me and just smiled and said… “hey, ya cryin back there?” … haha! YUPPER!

First time seeing dad…

Little glow worm!

Lindsay, you looked absolutely beautiful. As always!

Happy to finally meet little Milo!

Getting ready for his very first bath…

totally pissed off….

I feel so extremely lucky to have been a part of this day and this process. I admit that maybe it would be different if it was just a client, someone I didn’t know very well then maybe it wouldn’t be so fantastic to me. The fact that I love Matt and Lindsay and their family so much and consider them such close friends made this so emotional and great for me. I have this new respect for Lindsay now..on top of the respect I already had for her to begin with. She was insanely strong. Matt was incredible… watching him with Lindsay was amazing. He was so supportive and encouraging and he was such a rock for her. I am so so so proud of them both.

Matt and Lindsay –  Thank you so much for including me in this huge day in your lives. I love you both so much as well as Lucy and Milo. I really can’t explain how uplifting and unbelievable this experience has been for me even though I have said it probably a million times. You are such rare and incredible people and I am so grateful for you guys and happy that I am able to give you these images for you to cherish forever. LOVE YOU and GOOD FRICKIN WORK!!